My paper Epistemic Modals and Common Groundhas been published in Inquiry: Volume 56, Issue 2-3. There were some minor typesetting problems with the journal, so I have left the penultimate draft availaible. It does not have any typesetting errors. Please cite the published version.


I have uploaded the penultimate draft of my paper on epistemic modality. Please cite the published version, when possible.


I have had my paper on epistemic modality accepted to a special issue of Inquiry on Contextualism and Relativism. I have also slightly restructured my research page.


I have added two new papers to my research page. Both papers focus on aspects of modality (deontic and epistemic). The inspiration for these papers can be traced to conversations I have had over the past few years with Stefan Kaufmann, as well as some excellent commentary at a recent conference in Dubrovnik.


Updated versions of my papers on disagreement and contextualism are now available.


I have added a new draft of a paper on Naturalness and Grounds to my research page, corresponding to the presentation I gave recently in Latvia. Additionally, an updated version of my paper on contextualism is now available.


I have been neglecting my website for some time now. I recently added two new papers to my research page, one on a metasemantic issue related to epistemic modals and another related to epistemic contextualism. I have also added slides from a presentation I gave recently at ISSCSS: David Lewis. A paper corresponding to these slides will be coming along shortly.


A new draft on the epistemology of disagreement has been posted to my research page. This paper stems from some conversations I had at the recent Midwest Epistemology Workshop on Purdue's campus.


I have posted a pdf version of my Curriculum Vitae.


I will be presenting a shortened version of my paper on Fitch's paradox at the APA Central meeting in march. I have added a link to the shortened version on my research page.


NASSLLI is over, it was an excellent school. The next one is scheduled for the University of Texas at Austin in 2012, and I definitely plan on attending. While I was there I managed to convince a few people to come to NU for the Philosophy and Linguistics Workgroup I am running, and I might have even gotten an invite myself (more on that as details emerge). The best part, however, is that I now have some interesting new ideas for the underlying technical portion of my paper on Fitch that I have been working on lately. So I should have a new draft up in the following weeks, and I will then decide whether I want to combine the two papers.


I just finished the first draft of my paper on Fitch's paradox, apologies for it being a bit drafty. A link to the draft is available on my research page. I will timestamp the link when new versions go up.


I will be attending the North American Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (NASSLLI) June 20-26.


Welcome to my new website.

I have decided to take down my old blog subjunctive moods for the time being. I have not had the time lately to post consistently, and while I have saved the content of the blog, I have not yet decided whether I will move it to a section of this site. This is largely a placeholder at the moment, but I plan on updating the content soon.

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